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The ootra app is home to a radical new community of independent winemakers and passionate hospitality professionals, connecting and trading in real time.

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We’re returning independence to the independents.

ootra is a marketplace (disguised as an app) linking independent winemakers with passionate restaurateurs in real time. Inside, the little guys stand shoulder to shoulder at the tasting table – empowered to speak freely, trade and discover together. And because this community is built on authenticity, not volume, wine’s language flows uninhibited.

For many of us, traditional distribution networks keep the sweet buzz of excitement boxed up for too long. By getting bottles out of warehouses and onto wine lists, we can redefine how wine is shared and bring the power home to where the passion lies.

Take your cellar door-to-door, without leaving the vineyard.

We know you’re busy, so we’ll keep this short. The ootra app is where you take your latest next-level release to its future home, without leaving yours. Think of it as a community hub where you can make connections and trade with restaurateurs on a case by case basis. Small batch? Rare variety? Fresh vintage? No problem. You know your wine best, so you set your prices and write your own killer descriptions. We remove the legwork from distribution so you can focus on what matters: making damn good wine and sharing its colourful stories.

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Visit dozens of wineries on your five-minute break.

We know you’ve barely got time to catch your breath between services, so we’ll keep this short. With ootra, you can connect to hundreds of independent winemakers, and their rarest and freshest releases, on your own terms. Now, even if you don’t have time to meet with reps, you can still find those rare gems that make your place a dining destination. Here, wine’s powerful stories carry the emotion, evoke the passion and relate the heritage of every drop. 

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The ootra app is where cellar door meets front of house. Register your interest and lend your voice to a community redefining how wine is shared. It’s time to deliver bottled stories home.

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