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Visit dozens of wineries on your five-minute break.

We know you’ve barely got time to catch your breath between services, so we’ll keep this short. With ootra, you can connect to dozens of independent winemakers, and their rarest and freshest releases, on your own terms. Now, even if you don’t have time to meet with reps, you can still find those rare gems that make your place a dining destination. Here, wine’s powerful stories carry the emotion, evoke the passion and relate the heritage of every drop.

How it works?

We know restauranteurs don’t have time for reading websites, owning a pet or meeting reps from the independent wine industry – no matter how great their new vintage may be. So we invented an online marketplace (designed as an app) that will connect you to hundreds of the best independent winemakers, and their rarest vintages.

The winemaker grows grapes, ferments wine and posts their new vintage or experimental batch on the ootra app. You log on, browse an array of Australia’s best independent wine, connect, discuss and trade with the winemakers. When you know what you want, go ahead and order a case. With seamless ordering, payment and delivery, your customers will be sipping the good stuff well before you run out. Time, saved. Customers, sated. Crack a bottle to celebrate.

ootra gives you the chance to share, trade and discover in an environment where the only prerequisites are great wine and authenticity. ootra is redefining wine distribution, giving the underdogs back their voices and setting them loose on the world.
Unearth the place where wine lives.

Why ootra?


Directly with winemakers, not sales reps.

Trade; the easy way

Seamless ordering, payments and deliveries - all on the go.


Find the latest small batch producers, independent winemakers and experimental batches.

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Have conversations via live messaging software embedded in the ootra app.

What you want. When you want it.

ootra is live 24/7.

Request face-to-face meetings

With ootra you can control who you see and when you see them.

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