ootra | For Wineries (Sellers)

Take your cellar door-to-door, without leaving the vineyard.

We know you’re busy, so we’ll keep this short. The ootra app is where you take your latest next-level release to its future home, without leaving yours. Think of it as a community hub where you can make connections and trade with restaurateurs on a case by case basis. Small batch? Rare variety? Fresh vintage? No problem. You know your wine best, so you set your prices and write your own killer descriptions. We remove the legwork from distribution so you can focus on what matters: making damn good wine and sharing its colourful stories.

How it works

We know it’s a dog-eat-dog world for independent winemakers—you’re trying to connect with buyers but often finding that the loudest voices on the market drown out smaller businesses like yours. Time to take your wine-stained feet off the accelerator and put them back on the earth, where they belong.

Grow your grapes, ferment your wine, post a new vintage or experimental batch on the app. Set your own prices and write a killer description (because you know your wine best). Send some wine to ootra’s warehouse and we’re good to go. When you’re ready to go, the restauranteur logs on, finds the wine and orders a case. Now the hard work’s done, crack open a bottle.

ootra gives you the chance to share, trade and discover in an environment where the only prerequisites are great wine and authenticity. We’re redefining wine distribution, giving the underdogs back their voices and setting them loose on the world.

Why ootra?

National Distribution

Partnering with our national logistics provider ootra can provide you with national distribution without the price tag attached.

Dynamic Pricing

Set pricing for specific trade customers and groups.


Specify which states you want your product sold in Australia.

Hassle Free Accounting

One consolidated invoice at the end of the month. We deposit your earnings automatically with 30 days.


Directly with venue owners, chefs managers or somms.

Get Discovered

Buyers all over the country will be able to view your profile and connect directly with you.

Join the vanguard.

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